Digital advertising reaching new heights.

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HOW OFTEN do we have digital advertising billboards as part of street furniture above our heads? ADKONECT, has now released its first digital advertising billboard being the first biggest and smartest digital billboard on the Mokolo Building along the Mataniko river. So don’t say you haven’t driven, walked or caught public transport past our digital billboard and haven’t taken the time to have a good look at what comes on it, because that would be a fib – we know you have looked that high up to what we would like to call our digital tree.

The locally owned advertising company, ADKONECT, has now ventured into lighting up both the tributary that divides the Central Business District (CBD) from both the Eastern end and Western end of Honiara with targeted messages and moving advertisements making advertising much more attractive. As the newly introduced street furniture, the digital advertising billboard has the capabilities to carry dynamically targeted messages enabling advertisers to customize their messages relative to real time, date, events and weather forecast. What better ways to brighten up our streets than a massive digital advertising billboard on our roadsides?

The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) initially trialed the digital billboard during their 2016 graduation event, over a one week course. The streets catchy billboard screened the event details and headline before rotating the Congratulatory message for the new graduands the next day after the event lapsed. This was definitely the most classic example of showcasing the perks of digital advertising pressed with the very thing clients are very stringy about – time factor! Which was previously limited to its former technology of print billboards and banners.

The future of outdoor advertising


ADKONECT has disclosed that they plan to provide more energy efficient displays to boost Honiara’s cityscape into a modern liveable city and at the same time providing cost effective public messages. It’s a win-win situation for the city dwellers and advertisers. Who said developing countries are snail progressors? Our traditional form of advertising has now met competition due to technological advancement that still is willing to work mutually with traditional advertising.

Uniliver brand distributor, Bulk Shop and Bmobile Vodafone are amongst the first to advertise on the new digital billboard, which will deliver a cumulative audience reach of 600,000 impressions and views each month.

And to also revert a person’s mood after a tired day or hard weekend, ADKONECT has also introduced an organic message on the BIG screen that is time specific for morning bypassers with a “Good Morning Honiara, have a nice day!” advert as well as a weekend mood changer with constant traffic safety reminders including, “Have a good weekend Honiara, drive safely!” to change traffic and pedestrian feels of TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) to have that tinge of YOLO (You Only Live Once), be safe mood. What else could be more exciting than having clients access all these from their fingertips even from the comfort of their homes, offices and on the go?

ADKONECT’s user friendly and sleek website is another soaring reach of what its advertising services offers. You can access their online shop and start your project on the go with the computer generated Quotes for their signage and large format print products or booking your next Happy Birthday Greetings card on their Digital Billboard online order. It’s all about you and ADKONECT is committed to providing a full service customer experience geared towards digital convergence.

ADKONECT Founder, Rod Rupokets, says the outdoor advertising sector is vibrant and with this technological advancement, we are creating innovative solutions for our clients to compliment their traditional media mix.

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